Leadership Team

Elena Gosalvez Blanco's picture Elena Gosalvez Blanco
Director, Yale Young Global Scholars
Ami Sobin's picture Ami Sobin
Associate Director of External Affairs
Jemilat Salami-Oyenuga's picture Jemilat Salami-Oyenuga
Associate Director of Academic Affairs
Lucy Appiah's picture Lucy Appiah
Associate Director, Yale Young African Scholars Program
Tina Saller's picture Tina Saller
Assistant Director for Administration
Zeva Manvi's picture Zeva Manvi
Associate Director of Admissions
Christopher Bailey's picture Christopher Bailey
Assistant Director of Technology, Operations & Data Management
Melissa Dwelley's picture Melissa Dwelley
Assistant Director of Marketing
Anneliese Abney's picture Anneliese Abney
Cross-disciplinary Program Manager
Shu Yi Zhou's picture Shu Yi Zhou
Cross-disciplinary Program Manager
John Whalen's picture John Whalen
Humanities Program Manager
Gaye Kim's picture Gaye Kim
Social Science Program Manager
Jessica Serrano's picture Jessica Serrano
Senior Administrative Assistant
Roy Randen's picture Roy Randen
African Scholars Fellow
Molly Matteson's picture Molly Matteson
African Scholars Fellow