Program Name Change

Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) was founded in 2001 as a small, pre-collegiate summer program under the name Ivy Scholars. During the 2012-2013 application cycle, the name changed from “Ivy Scholars” to “Young Global Scholars” to better reflect the program’s continuing mission to educate increasing numbers of international students, as well as expose U.S. domestic and international students to global issues, international affairs, and policy leadership on an international scale.

Historical Timeline

2013 YYGS admitted 310 students to the Politics, Law, & Economics session and Studies in Grand Strategy session
2014 The Science, Policy, & Innovation session was added to YYGS session offerings and the program expanded to accommodate 600 participants
2015 Summer 2015 also offered three sessions but re-named “Studies in Grand Strategy” to “International Affiars & Security.”

Due to overwhelming interest in STEM subjects and entrepreneurship, Summer 2016 offered six distinct sessions, including two flagship sessions and four new session offerings:  Applied Science & Engineering, Biological & Biomedical Science, Technology, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability, Energy & Environment. 

The inaugural YYGS-Beijing program ran in January 2016. This program is administered by Yale Center Beijing and takes place in Beijing, China.

YYGS offered six sessions to accomodate 1,200 students with the introduction of two new sessions: Frontiers of Math & Science and Sustainable Development & Social Entrepreneurship.
The second YYGS-Beijing program ran during February 2017.

Similar to last summer, YYGS ran six sessions which served 1,200 students. For Summer 2018, “Frontiers of Math & Science” was renamed to “Frontiers of Science & Technology.”

YYGS-Beijing was held during August 2018, and the program was based on the session theme: Asia in the 21st Century.


Due to student interest in the humanities, YYGS offered nine sessions in New Haven to accomodate more than 2,000 students with two new humanities sessions: Creative Arts & Media and Literature, Philosophy & Culture. The Politics, Law, & Economics (PLE) session was offered twice throughout the summer.

YYGS-Beijing was held in August 2019 and continued to be around the session theme “Asia in the 21st Century” (ATC).


After the success of offering PLE in multiple sessions, YYGS is now offering ASE, BBS, LPC, PLE, and our new interdisciplinary Solving Global Challenges (SGC) during multiple sessions. A total of 12 sessions will run -  4 during each of Session I, II, and III - and nearly 2,500 students from across the world will attend.

YYGS decided to focus on expansion on Yale’s campus in New Haven, and temporarily suspended running programming abroad.