Instructional Staff Role

We are no longer accepting summer instructional staff applications at this time. Thank you for your interest and we encourage you to check back in Fall 2021 when the next round of applications open. 

Position Overview

Instructional staff will teach, mentor and supervise program participants both in and out of the classroom. This position is a good fit for anyone interested in:

  • Teaching and mentoring a diverse group of high school students
  • Working collaboratively and with flexibility to create a successful and memorable program
  • Growing and improving as an educator

Instructional staff play an essential role in developing our curriculum as well as taking on a wide array of academic and supervisory responsibilities. These include:

  • Developing and delivering unique seminars on topics of personal and professional interest
  • Leading breakout discussion groups after lectures by Yale faculty
  • Guiding and advising students in two-week collaborative simulation projects
  • Hosting “Special Meals” with students to offer insights into academic topics, or lead conversations on different topics of personal interest
  • Contributing to panel discussions on college life at Yale
  • Mentoring a “Family” group of YYGS participants
  • Assisting YYGS leadership by facilitating panel discussions and taking attendance during events
  • Working with other members of the YYGS instructional staff to build teaching skills
  • Completing and providing written feedback on students
  • Aiding the leadership team as necessary in administering program policy and ensuring student comfort and security.

Instructional staff commit to work for the full duration of session(s) for which they are employed. Although YYGS will consider candidates that are only able to work for one or two summer sessions, we prefer that candidates are able to make the full summer commitment (all 3 sessions, 6 weeks total). Instructional staff must also fulfill all required training and preparation duties, attending a full-day training session in February 2021 and a full-day orientation prior to the program in June 2021.

Important Dates

  • February 27, 2020: Mandatory Staff Curricular Training
  • April 2021: Initial seminar proposals due (date TBA)
  • May 2021: Final seminar syllabi due (date TBA)
  • June 17, 2021: Mandatory Staff Orientation

Session Offerings

Applicants may apply to work in one or more than one of the following programs:

Summer Schedule

Applicants may apply to work in one or more than one of the following sessions:

  • Session I: (June 21 - July 3)
  • Session II: (July 5 - July 17)
  • Session III: (July 19 - July 31)

Hired Instructional Staff will apply to teach in either a morning session (AM in New Haven) or evening session (PM in New Haven). To see a copy of our tentative schedule, click HERE.