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Yale Young Global Scholars emphasizes an open, exploratory, and collaborative approach to learning. Our program is designed to allow students to experience learning in a variety of different university contexts, from large lectures to small seminars, and even the spontaneous learning that happens outside the classroom in conversations with one another.

  • With no grades or course credit, YYGS encourages students to approach all aspects of the program creatively with the understanding that they set their own limits. Students receive an electronic certificate of completion at the end of the session.
  • The diverse and inclusive community at YYGS enhances learning by inviting students to analyze issues from multiple perspectives. Living and learning alongside peers from around the world allows students to broaden their own world views by learning about countries and cultures they have never encountered before.
  • Exploring Yale: typically, participants live on campus, explore surrounding areas and take advantage of opportunities that the Yale community offers. In YYGS Online, students experience Opportunities Across Yale (OAY) virtual events designed to provide access to libraries, labratories, and more.


The curriculum ties together all YYGS sessions and is the foundation of the academic program. Students work with a different group of peers and learning contexts, which allows for a wide range of peer-to-peer interaction. These learning contexts include:

Breakout Discussions Dig deeper into lecture content by sharing knowledge, posing questions, and brainstorming real-world implications with a small group of peers.
Family Time Develop strong bonds with peers from around the world through identity reflection, courageous conversations, active listening, and fun social activities.
Impact Panel Learn from inspiring changemakers about innovative approaches to meaningful social impact work throughout the world.
Lectures Hear from accomplished Yale faculty and leading practitioners about the most important and relevant topics in their fields.
Seminars Pursue your passion or find a new one through the 1000+ unique and exciting seminars offered each summer.
Simulation Address real-world issues by participating in an open-ended, collaborative, problem-solving activity with likeminded peers.