Flyers (download to share)

We encourage you to share information about the Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) program. Our flyers are designed to be suitable for download, print, and display.

YYGS Information Flyer

Distribute, post, or forward this flyer to fellow students, educators, parents, and anyone else that may be interested in the program. The flyer provides a brief explanation of the program, specific session dates, and includes the application link and deadlines. This flyer can also be printed and placed on bulletin boards. 

YYGS Fundraising Guide

There are many ways to bridge the financial gap and raise funds to cover remaining costs. Each year, admitted students work with their extended families, friends, neighbors, schools, and community organizations to raise funds for tuition and travel to YYGS. We have put together a “tips” guide to assist your planning activities.

YYGS Mixed Media Feature (Website)

Inspired by the stories and initiatives from her YYGS peers, Ella Le (YYGS 2023) created a digital forum to showcase the creative passion projects of YYGS students from all academic tracks. 

YYGS Student Reflection (Website)

Shreya traveled to YYGS 2023 from India, and after the program ended, she wrote an article detailing her entire experience–from choosing her academic track, receiving her acceptance letter, selecting her preferred seminars, and attending the program itself.