Common Questions

Residential Questions

How do I request adjusted arrival, adjusted departure, and/or a linen set?

Adjusted arrival (early arrival or late arrival) can be requested in the Check In Confirmation form, adjusted departure (early departure) can be requested in the Check Out Confirmation form, and linens can be requested in the Basic Registration form. All of these forms are available on an admitted student’s Applicant Status portal after they click “Accept” in the Admission Reply form.

What should I bring to the program?

Refer to the Packing Checklist. One blanket and one pillow are provided to all participants. First aid items and laundry detergent are available in the program office of each residential college. The Yale Bookstore and several other stores are just a short distance away and sell toiletries, stationery supplies, sundries, snacks, and other goods. If you forget something, you can purchase items locally when you arrive on campus. There are ATM machines on campus and at the Yale Bookstore.

What should I wear while I’m at YYGS?

The dress code at Yale is a fairly relaxed one, and we promote a professional but comfortable learning environment at YYGS. Be aware that summers in New Haven can be quite warm and humid with occasional rain. Participants should keep in mind that they will be interacting with Yale University faculty and staff on a daily basis.

Here is what we suggest:

For the morning, afternoon and evening times: T-shirts or polo shirts, blouses, tank tops, and jeans, light pants, a variety of shorts and/or skirts/dresses.

For the final program exercise and end-of-program dinner and graduation event: One or two dressier outfits, such as dresses, suits, blouse/shirt and skirt/slacks, blazer with tie, or similar.

Please be considerate of the large variety cultures and beliefs in the YYGS community (students, staff, faculty, and more). YYGS encourages a culture of respect and curiosity, especially with students coming from over 150 different countries around the world. If you choose to wear clothing with messaging that would make others feel stigmatized or marginalized, then YYGS staff will address this with you.

Do I need to bring spending money?

A common concern is how much spending money a participant should bring with them to the program. Tuition covers housing and three (3) meals per day, so basic needs are covered, and additional spending money is NOT required. However, you should bring any funds you want to cover your personal expenses such as laundry, snacks, bottled water, supplies, and any local shopping (e.g., souvenirs, personal purchases).

The program is located in the heart of the Yale campus in downtown New Haven, and there are a variety of restaurants and coffee shops within the program boundary that many participants choose to visit. ATM machines are located close to the residential colleges, and debit and credit cards are accepted at local vendors.

Am I allowed to walk wherever I want at Yale University and within New Haven?

For your security, Yale Young Global Scholars has a strict set of boundaries that you are expected to stay within. You will be able to view a map of the boundaries closer to your arrival. YYGS staff will ensure you understand the boundaries soon after you arrive.

Am I allowed to attend religious services while I’m at YYGS?

Sunday mornings at Yale Young Global Scholars are reserved for rest and free time. If within boundaries, you may attend services as long as you are in a group of three (3) or more participants. Otherwise, YYGS staff may offer to take participants to locations outside of boundaries. If you want to go somewhere outside boundaries or do not have participants to accompany you within the boundaries, then please ask a member of the Program Office for help.

Is there a gym I can use?

The Payne Whitney Gymnasium is located a few blocks from Old Campus. Yale is proud to house one of the most elaborate indoor facilities in the world. It has a magnificent 20,000 square foot Adrian C. “Ace” Israel Fitness Center, which includes the 7,000 square foot Brooks Dwyer Varsity Strength and Conditioning Room, along with an air-conditioned one-eighth mile indoor running track. Two pools are also available.

Information regarding gym use will be provided to all YYGS participants by late May, and then participants typically sign up and pay for limited gym memberships while on campus shortly after their arrival.

How is housing assigned?

YYGS Housing Policy states that Yale Young Global Scholars Housing is assigned by self-identified gender (i.e., male suites and female suites, all of which also accommodate students who identify as “Other” and/or with “They/Them/Theirs” pronouns). YYGS promotes a diverse and inclusive community committed to the values of respect and dignity. The YYGS Leadership team strives to tailor the residential experience to meet the needs of all participants, and to ensure that each individual has a sense of belonging at YYGS.

What happens if I am sick or injured?

Don’t worry! We have a health team who are available to help in the Health Office. If necessary, Yale Health is located on campus and Yale New Haven Hospital is a short drive away. As long as you keep taking any medicine you normally do at home, eat right and get some sleep, you should have nothing to worry about.

For safety protocols related to COVID-19, please visit our COVID Updates page. We will continue to monitor the pandemic and update this page with new information as soon as it is available.

Can my parents/guardians/siblings/family members attend activities at YYGS?

We’re thrilled that you’re so excited about our activities! However, all YYGS activities are for participants only.

What is YYGS Family Time?

Family Time is a segment of the schedule that gives participants the opportunity to meet up in smaller groups, known as families, with an instructor who is their Family Leader. These small groups become an important building block of community at YYGS. Family Time is scheduled throughout each session and are typically opportunities to get to know each other, have discussions, and participate in other memorable activities.