YYGS Alumni Return as Summer Instructors

May 19, 2021

Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) is excited to announce that ten of our alumni will return as YYGS instructors during this summer’s online program, YYGS Connect. Instructors design seminars that explore topics based on their personal passions or graduate research. Past seminar topics include, “The World of Shamanism, or How Body Shapes a Belief” or “How do we go about finding new planets, and could they sustain human life?”

These 10 alumni instructors attended YYGS between 2015-2019, and they are teaching in one of four academic tracks this summer: Innovations in Science & Technology; Literature, Philosophy & Culture; Politics, Law & Economics; and Solving Global Challenges. These alumni represent a variety of different academic backgrounds and are currently attending different universities. YYGS is thrilled to have former participants return as instructors, knowing that their experience as YYGS alumni provides invaluable insight as they teach the next cohort of young global leaders.

Pranshu Adhikari |  YYGS 2015 (SPI) | University of Texas (Austin)
  • Teaching Innovations in Science & Technology
  • Studying physics and international relations
  • YYGS Memory: “I really enjoyed spending time with my suitemates. I remember once I stayed up the entire night with one of my suitemates watching Interstellar. I treasure that moment to this day!”

Zander De Jesus   | YYGS 2015 (IAS) | Yale University
  • Teaching Solving Global Challenges
  • Studying environmental science and American studies
  • YYGS Memory: “I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet instructors outside of class during Special Meals, and made sure to do my own Special Meals once I was hired as an instructor.”

Lóri Fejes | YYGS 2016 (PLE) | Hamilton College
  • Teaching Politics, Law & Economics
  • Studying dance and movement studies
  • YYGS Memory: “I am very fond of my YYGS family’s pizza night, and miss my siblings a lot!”


Meriah Frauwirth | YYGS 2017 (BBS) | Brandeis University
  • Teaching Innovations in Science & Technology
  • Studying neuroscience
  • YYGS Memory: “YYGS allowed me to tour different Yale scientific laboratories which further ignited my passion for science and innovation. I was introduced to a lab member, and I imagined my future self as a scientific contributor to an important project.”

Thembi Gausi | YYGS 2019 (ASE)
  • Teaching Solving Global Challenges | Yale University
  • Studying mechanical engineering
  • YYGS Memory: “Having my birthday during YYGS and my classmates singing Happy birthday to me in 16 different languages definitely takes the cake!”

Emilie Kilfoil | YYGS 2015 (PLE) | Yale University
  • Teaching Literature, Philosophy & Culture
  • Studying history of art
  • YYGS Memory: “Making friends with students from all around the world and getting to practice my Spanish with native and fluent speakers.”

Kayla Kramer | YYGS 2017 (IAS) | Ohio State University
  • Teaching Solving Global Challenges
  • Studying International Security & Intelligence Studies and Spanish
  • YYGS Memory: “My Capstone group took a break from our research and played a game where we each told stories from our life experiences. Sharing about our hometowns, childhood love lives, and families filled the room with laughter and made us closer as friends.”

Mathew Krick | YYGS 2016 (BBS) | Yale University
  • Teaching Innovations in Science & Technology
  • Studying molecular, cellular, and developmental biology
  • YYGS Memory: “Getting to hang out with everyone from my family group! I made a lot of meaningful friendships and I still stay in touch with a lot of my YYGS friends to this day.”

Anabel Remudo | YYGS 2017 (IAS) | Yale University
  • Teaching Solving Global Challenges
  • Studying political science
  • YYGS Memory: “My favorite part of YYGS was getting to stay in touch with two of my best friends from the program and visiting them in college years after the program!”

Helen Tamrat | YYGS 2018 (PLE) | Yale University
  • Literature, Philosophy & Culture
  • Studying African American studies
  • YYGS Memory: “Connecting with people from every inch of the world. Especially having gone to a very homogenous high school, the things I learned from my peers and the instantly deep connections I made, with people I initially thought were incredibly different from me, are invaluable. These were experiences that challenged almost everything I was being told to think in my high school, and I am profoundly grateful for them.”