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YYGS is unable to defer juniors for the following summer, but we still want to provide a summer opportunity for these students. While we cannot replicate the on-campus experience, YYGS staff has worked hard to incorporate key elements to make our pilot virtual program a collaborative, engaging, and enriching experience.

Summer Schedule

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Common Questions

What are the benefits of attending YYGS Connect? 

Participants will take part in a virtual program that is designed to be as rigorous and intellectually rewarding as our on-campus experience. During YYGS Connect, students will average 20 hours a week (with weekends off) and participate in Yale faculty lectures, small-scale seminars, simulations and more! All students who have successfully completed the program will receive an electronic completion certificate.

What happened to my academic session?

Barring extenuating circumstances, students will be admitted into the same academic session that they were first selected for, and participants will take seminars and faculty lectures based on their preferred academic discipline. In short, all four virtual sessions will feature material on LPC, PLE, SGC, and ASE/BBS topics. Please know that ASE and BBS will be combined to provide more opportunities for STEM students.

What software do I need to participate?

All participants must have a computer, web camera, and working WiFi. Students CANNOT attend the program using a mobile phone. Participants will be required to access Zoom, and you can check if this program will work on your computer here: Zoom Software Capability Link. Students will also be required to access Canvas, which requires a working email address.

What is the attendance policy, especially with time zone constraints?

We have created morning and afternoon tracks that work for most time zones. Students will have the opportunity to give preference for which track works best for them. Additionally, seminars are assigned by personal interest, and participants will have the chance to give preference for which seminar topic and time works best for them.

YYGS Connect has a strict attendance policy, and students must attend ALL program components to earn their completion certificate. If you have a time zone constraint during the program, you must request an excused absence from YYGS. If approved, we will provide a recording for you that you must watch within 24 hours. Please know that some program elements require mandatory attendance and students will not be excused from these requirements.

What is the program cost? Are students eligible for financial aid?

Students can attend a one-week ($1,500) or two-week ($3,000) session. Admitted juniors who received financial aid packages will receive an adjusted financial aid package to attend our virtual program.

Note: YYGS tuition payments are non-refundable except in extreme circumstances, such as family medical emergency where documentation (e.g. a doctor’s note from a non-family member) is provided to YYGS.

 YYGS Connect provides a unique opportunity to make global connections and forge unity at a time when many of us are feeling isolated. We are very excited to launch this pilot program and better explore how a virtual experience can strengthen our diverse community.”

Elena Gosalvez-Blanco, Director of YYGS