Zuzanna Osinska

LPC 2020

“Every part of YYGS was amazing but I reckon that Family Time was the most memorable. I loved meeting my “family” and observing how we became closer with every seminar. It was an awesome place to share our experiences and to learn from each other.”

Tricity Youth Strike for Climate is an initiative that I have been taking part in for the last two years, so it is not entirely new but our involvement changed due to the pandemic. We did not know if we could organise nationwide strikes in the midst of the pandemic so our team met in a warehouse and talked for three hours about the pros and cons.

At last, we decided to take the risk and try to make it as safe as possible. We created cute graphics that were to remind people about safety restrictions and regulations. We partnered with Extinction Rebellion and had various climate organisations on board. As it might have been dangerous for some people, we did not expect a lot of attendees but the result exceeded our expectations. A lot of people came and all of them wore masks without us asking. We were noticed by major newspapers in our region and it was one of our biggest successes.

Ambassador Year: