Yunan Liu

LPC 2019

“One of the highlights of my YYGS experience, was the Yale Young African Scholars Reunion Lunch. After a week of meeting exciting new people, with diverse interests and perspectives, it was comforting to find a sense of familiarity. Finally, somebody listened to Burna Boy! Sitting around a table with alumni, instructors and Yale professors, we laughed about all the times we’d been asked if our country was like Wakanda. Yes, of course, was always our answer. What was truly heartwarming was how YYGS members acknowledged my uniqueness as a Chinese-Motswana, without making me feel like my hyphenated opinion did not count. I will always cherish that.”

Ray of Hope Botswana is a youth-run NGO founded in 2015. As a member, I provide weekly educational and enrichment programmes for HIV/AIDs orphans, rape survivors, and refugees in Botswana.

Notable milestones include: fundraising and building a new day-care centre in Gamodubu village, attaining a record amount of As amongst our Year 7s, and establishing a new branch in Leeds, Uk. This extension empowers Syrian refugees through weekly tutoring, social entrepreneurship, and activism.

Ambassador Year: