Yeun Gye Choi

South Korea
ATC 2019

“YYGS Asia in the 21st Century was a great program that really opened my eyes and allowed me to have great connections with great, special people from around the world. Meeting a lot of new people from every continent including Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, YYGS was my first and the greatest opportunity to meet diverse people from different countries.”

After the YYGS ATC program, I was inspired to create an international politics club where students in our school could discuss current political and social events and share our perspectives. As I am currently studying in a private school in California, I really wanted to create a similar community to YYGS where different, diverse students from around the world could share ideas and experience diversity. Currently my classmates and I are working on a research paper on the issue of China’s rise as a global superpower and its impact on global society.

Ambassador Year: