Yazan Alrayyes

ASE/BBS 2020

“It was incredible coming together with people from very different parts of the world (i.e. Palestine, China, Nepal, and the US) for a cause that we all care about equally. And even though we were not able to meet and interact in person, I still feel that we bonded in a great way that allowed us to learn more about others and reflect more on aspects of our lives that others might find extremely interesting or bizarre. All in all, YYGS was a memorable experience that helped me learn from professors and students alike and opened my eyes to areas of life I never thought of before.”

I’m helping  a Yale student with his research. I’m on the programming team and we’re helping him with his study that focuses on modeling human behavior. We are currently building a website for the study and in the future, we will be trying to create a game that helps get improve the accuracy of user responses.

Ambassador Year: