Ulviya Chisty

PLE III 2019

“My seminars helped me learn and discover more about my identity than I ever thought they could. Growing up a Muslim subconti girl with loud political and feminist opinions has always been quite challenging. Perhaps it was because my society was constantly enforcing certain ideologies on me which I didn’t associate with myself, my identity, or my religion. But attending three different seminars that tackled the idea of feminism in Islam and progressive Islam allowed me to learn and decide what I believed in. I finally felt like I knew who I was.”

I have also co-founded and currently run a podcast called ‘Between Codes’ alongside 5 of my friends, which is a new initiative created for the school. At a time when the world is filled with numerous political and global conflict, the podcast strives to create unity within the internal community. Through ‘Between Codes’, students and staff can not only get to know each other better, but voice their opinions on various matters and provide others with new perspectives worth considering. Our team strives to draw out hilarious anecdotes, emotional and personal stories, and enthralling discussion at every listen. At Atlantic College we call periods/classes ‘codes’, and each 20 minute episode is targeted for the small breaks students get in between the codes. We are on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook under the name ‘Between Codes’, so be sure to check us out!

Ambassador Year: