Tianjia Hu

FST 2019

Literature and biology are both very important to me. I am currently publishing a fantasy book, “Arden,” which I started writing two years ago. Now I’m also working on a new project, a contemporary story about a female bio-technology entrepreneur; this story is inspired partly by my experience at YYGS and I look forward to publishing it before I graduate from high school. Feminism has been a big part of my life as well. Not only does my new book concern a feminist protagonist, but also I have been running an Instagram account @girl._.who, advocating for gender-equality and empowering fellow girls online.

PS: After YYGS, I returned to my home province in China and taught at an underprivileged mountain school for the rest of the summer. I incorporated many educational techniques/games that I learned at YYGS into their curriculum: Four Corners, Rose Bud Thorn… The kids especially love playing Mafia!

Ambassador Year: