Teodor Baltov

PLE II 2019

“Something that left a great impact on me was the privilege to have lectures by people so accomplished and bright, and more specifically for me, someone whose works I had previously researched and been impressed by- Gerard C. and Bernice Latrobe Smith Professor of International Law, and famous writer, Oona Hathaway.”

YYGS helped me refine my goals and identify my strengths… my dream field is Law, no question. To see whether a career in law would be for me,  I needed field experience. I worked together with atty. Cvetkov and atty. Koleva in the scope of two weeks and got a hands-on first-hand experience of what a career in this field would be like. I got to witness some quite rare occurrences for the Bulgarian legal world: I attended a crime reconstruction, as well as a Private Enforcement Agent, where I got to study a 20 tome civil case. I got to explore these two worlds under the guidance of some of the best lawyers in my hometown, and additionally, when we were getting around town, or to neighboring districts, they explained to me legal concepts and situations which any person might encounter, so that even if I find law is not for me I can leave this internship with something valuable.

Now, after YYGS and after this internship I know more about myself, my dreams, goals and strengths, I know more about how I can help people with what I have, and I know more about how we function as a society and a whole.

Ambassador Year: