Tekle Khmiadashvili

ASE/BBS 2020

“YYGS was a completely new experience for me. At school, we had to prepare for specific courses, but YYGS was more ‘instantaneous.’ The program focused on our thinking abilities rather than prepared material. No one wrote grades, and it was extremely important since no students were pressured.”

I got an offer from my physics teacher to work on the automatic greenhouse project with German peers. Of course, I said yes. I could not be more than happy. I would be working on the 3D design as well as observing the plants’ behavior in various acidity levels, temperatures, humidity, etc. I somehow could even end up in microbiology research.

It is already the third month I am working on the project, growing iceberg lettuce and learning more about plant biology and botany while also developing my 3D design skills.

I am inspired by the idea of collaboration between different countries. Even if I am still in high school, I have an opportunity to communicate with my peers around the world about various issues, learn about their cultures, and help my country come out to the world arena.

Ambassador Year: