Stephanie Liu

BBS 2019

I’m currently the curator of an annual school-wide art gallery called The Salon. This initiative started five years ago, and my co-head and I took up the role of curators in 2018. Although I’m very interested in science, visual art is still a big part of my life, and The Salon provides balance to my STEM based coursework. The Salon was started to display and share the talent present in our school community. We accept all forms and every piece of artwork that is submitted. The mission of this gallery is to create a space where our community can show their talent without fear of judgement, and the pieces are arranged without bias. Our team works hard all year advertising the gallery and documenting submissions. All of our hard work leads to the opening night where our community is welcomed to view art and enjoy refreshments. The gallery then stays up for two weeks before the art is returned to their creators. The Salon was my first big project, and I’ve learned a lot from the entire process. I’m also grateful for my amazing mentors and co-head who help bring The Salon to life each year.

Ambassador Year: