Sofia Ispahani

England, UK
ASE 2019

Having graduated from YYGS, I felt more motivated than ever to become active in the engineering world. I left with a new-found sense of personal discovery and ambition to do more and be more like the environment I had been immersed in. I thus scoured the internet for a work experience placement, and discovered a competitive program at BP (British Petroleum), where the accepted applicants would work between the geophysics and petroleum engineering department. I applied, using YYGS as a pivotal piece of information in my application, and to my surprise after a few weeks I received an acceptance email! The week of work experience flew by and I learned an incredible amount, even developing new passion for petroleum and gas engineering, a field I had never encountered before. 

Furthermore, I even applied for a General Engineering course through the Headstart program in the UK. YYGS encouraged me to do this as it solidified my interest in STEM and the engineering route that I want to pursue. I was accepted to engineering program as well, and got to spend a week at Glasgow University in Scotland learning about the multitude of disciplines in the engineering field. I participated in workshops and lectures with like-minded students and learnt about how engineering in university is taught. From building mini-robots to visiting the UK’s biggest wind farm, I was exposed to a bit of everything. It was an eye-opening experience that has made me feel a lot more prepared to undertake engineering at a higher-level of education.

These two experiences would be unbeknownst to me if I had not participated in YYGS; the ASE program gave me the confidence, interest and motivation to pursue these competitive placements.

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