Shana Ahemode

PLE II 2019

After YYGS, I came back to Canada and volunteered with Richmond Delta Youth Parliament to present an Epilepsy Awareness booth at my local library. It all started with a brave and inspirational new member of our youth parliament, Marika Leigh, who has epilepsy: a neurological disorder characterized by having unpredictable seizures. She spoke out about what it’s like to have epilepsy and the challenges she has to face everyday, from battling with this disorder to responses from her peers. Inspired by her member statement, I wanted to help her spread awareness and educate others on epilepsy in my community. We got materials from Kim Davidson, the executive director at BC Epilepsy Society for our booth. I am grateful for the opportunities I have, and I wanted to share this story in hopes of helping my friend Marika spread her influence and her story.

If you guys have time, I hope you will check out her Instagram and Facebook at Seizuresoldiers.

Ambassador Year: