Sarah Alfaraj

Saudi Arabia
LPC 2019

“We as human beings almost always have an initial impression and judgment of people based on their appearances. This program taught me to open my heart to everyone and I am so thankful it taught and showed me a different side of love and connection. My favorite lecture had to be ‘Dreams and Visions in Islamic Tradition’ by Prof. Ozgen Felek; I loved the way it combined reality and dreams and the messages that those dreams retained.”

My art business started off as a personal project; I decided to paint the back of my denim jacket. My family and friends were very encouraging, and they all suggested that I start my own account. I went ahead and grasped the opportunity. I am planning on doing a few collaborations with local artists and local donation clubs to serve the community in the near future. I figured out that I need to give to the community, just as much as I take from it. My business is new;,however, I see potential in spreading the word and making it successful.

Ambassador Year: