Santiago Cortes

Colombia / USA
ASE 2018

“By the end of this program, I decided I would like to study Chemical Engineering and Biology as my career. Before this program, I thought I would study something at which I was good, like math. However, having attended this program I realized how captivating several fields are, and the opportunities that are available as the fields develop. Having a summer program define my career path, makes this experience among the most significant in my life.”

Last year, I started my “Green Eggs” initiative, buying organic eggs and vegetables from campesinos (rural farmers) to resell in Bogota for a profit, to be donated to the Hogar Nueva Granada, our school’s foundation which educates underprivileged children. I soon realized that I could further help the farmers by bringing secondhand goods to them. I asked different families to donate quality secondhand goods. I decided to sell these at low prices in sales events rather than donating them. By selling the goods, people chose what they wanted and valued, and I was able to raise more money. Based on their excitement, I decided to do a monthly sale. 

So far, I have paid for the education scholarship of four children and expect to pay for four more this year. When I began, I expected to raise some money for the partial scholarship of a child. Now, I realize that despite limited resources, through our actions it is possible to have a significant impact on others in need.

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