Riccardo Bottoli

England, UK
SDSE 2019

“In terms of academics, it was exhilarating. Each day was packed with different seminars but because I applied for the Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship session, the seminars had a relatively similar underlying theme.”

These past two months I have been a part of an NGO called, “UK Youth for Nature.” The organization is aimed at gathering young people all across the United Kingdom to try and put pressure on the UK government in a bid to protect the decreasing amount of biodiversity in the UK. Although I did not start the organization myself, a peer of mine brought it up at a school environmental committee as a way of contributing outside of school to the environmental protection cause. After hearing him speak about this project, I immediately knew I wanted to be a  part of it and play a role in conservation efforts in the UK. A recent initiative I was grateful to be a part of, was the gathering and mailing of hundreds, if not thousands, of hand-written letters about what nature means to us, which was sent to the government to try and get them to recognize the need for change.

Ambassador Year: