Rabea Kahkahni

ASE/BBS 2020

“YYGS gave me the opportunity to learn about insightful subjects not offered in a normal school program. YYGS has driven me to explore a variety of subjects without fear. For example, I was scared, at first, to discover the topic of brain evolution. However, it ended up being one of the most interesting concepts I learned. Hence, the courage that I developed will definitely make my experience in college even more interesting and exciting.”

Two years ago, I was wandering in a club fair, searching hopelessly for a science club. After an hour of confusing search, I finally found the person responsible for the astronomy club workshop. Quickly, I filled out an information document to be admitted to the club. Since then, I have been working with passionate and motivated astronomy lovers to accomplish one goal: to share the science we learn. This task is so dear to our heart that it constitutes the core of the club activities and events.

Ambassador Year: