Pranathi Kolla

FST 2019

“Prior to attending the YYGS program, I was in a consistent state of confusion in regards to what my interests were and what I could be working towards achieving in my remaining years of high school. Thankfully, the session I attended has helped me begin shaping a clear-cut path to what I want to achieve and what I would love to do in the future- helping me discover my interests and passions and to define my aims and goals.”

My friends and I are planning on travelling to Kerala, an Indian state which was hit by devastating floods last year. The individuals who live there are still in the process of reconstructing homes for individuals who lost their livelihoods to the floods last year. We are planning to visit some sites in partnership with Habitat For Humanity to help build homes and shelters in a specific locality in Kerala. I was inspired to do this after learning of another YYGS student who flew in resources to help individuals who were hit in the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian. 

Ambassador Year: