Ore Adeogun

PLE II 2019

“YYGS helped me realise there are so many different perspectives on every issue. Before, the program, I considered myself absolutist when it came to global problems, but now I realise not everything is so black and white; it’s all shades of grey.”

Alongside 3 like-minded girls, I created and launched the clothing brand ‘Elevate’ – a unisex streetwear brand with unique accents on every piece. Unisex clothing is often dominated by male-owned brands, with men at the focus of each design. We wanted to completely flip this standard and so our brand name was created – Elevate: a way of lifting up women and girls.

After months of formulating a business plan, We launched the clothing resell part of the brand on November 1, the revenue of this is being directly funnelled back into the business so that eventually, we can create and sell our own branded clothing.  Currently, I’m creating a storyboard for our video concept, which we would be in collaboration with other creative Londoners, and I am also designing pieces for our second launch.

Ambassador Year: