Omotoyosi Abu

ASE 2018, PLE III 2019

“Before YYGS, I always wanted to help others, but I never believed that my small contributions could seriously alleviate global challenges. Now I know that I have the capacity and desire to incur deep-seated and everlasting impacts on the world that fundamentally improves the lives of others.”

Inspired by late-night discussions during YYGS, I decided to co-found an online initiative with my suitemates called, “We.Can.HEAR.You.” This initiative aims to alleviate the emotional struggles shared by fellow high schoolers and college students.  I help create and regularly post motivational material on our page as well as respond to messages from people sharing their stories and asking for advice. We are currently operating as a motivational Instagram page capitalizing on the direct messaging system within the app, but I plan on expanding our platform into a self-sustaining emotional support forum.

Ambassador Year: