Omar Alkashef

CAM 2019

“YYGS wasn’t a typical experience for me whether before, at, or after the program. When I first applied, I was accepted to Applied Science and Engineering (ASE), and I was so glad and proud that I could make to such a competitive and prestigious summer program. However, my visa processing didn’t go well, and I had to miss ASE as it was in Block 1. I was so disappointed and thought that this excellent opportunity was no longer available for me. I don’t know why ,but I felt I had to try one more time to get there; I contacted the program and asked if there was the slightest chance for me to attend YYGS. Fortunately, and surprisingly, there was a spot available in Creative Arts and Media (CAM) in Block 3 (late enough that my visa would be ready by then).

I first though of not going because this is something I wasn’t interested in, but my parents convinced me to accept the offer anyways. When I got there, I found out that I was clearly wrong. The topic of the program was brand-new and fascinating for me. I engaged with all lectures and seminars and fell in love with lots of the areas discussed throughout my two weeks. I am actually thinking of pursuing an academic path in a related field. What’s more, I was never surrounded by all these brilliant and friendly people at once. When I got back, I felt how great YYGS was; everyone from my family to schoolmates and teachers were proud of me and told me, ‘This is a great step for you.’ In a nutshell, YYGS isn’t just program, it is an intimate community, perfect approach, and a life-changing event.”

Ambassador Year: