Nhlakanipho Mntambo

South Africa
ASE/BBS 2020

” YYGS has made me more respectful of other peoples’ opinions and point of views. Making someone feel valued, heard and welcomed by actively listening without judgment can go a long way.”

After becoming inspired by a Routes to Resilience program I did during the course of last year, my friends and I initiated a project for our school. We came together and came up with the idea to create a sustainability committee for our school. Because of us, sustainability has now become a part of our school’s identity. This committee will provide a platform for students to create projects aimed at sustainability for our schools and surrounding communities, to voice their opinions on relevant topics linked to sustainability, to help disadvantaged communities and to be actively tackling problems which face our world. We plan to kick off this committee in 2021 and integrate sustainability as part of Hilton College’s identity.

Ambassador Year: