Yale Summer Program Admits 2,400 Students Worldwide

May 7, 2021

Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) is excited to welcome a record number of 2,400 outstanding high school students from 150 countries around the world (including 54 U.S. states and territories). Beginning in June, these students will attend YYGS Connect, a virtual program that consists of two-week online sessions that facilitate global conversations in different areas of academia.

This summer’s program will introduce students from new-to-YYGS countries, including Belize, Bhutan, Guyana, Mali, Malta, Monaco, and Turkmenistan. The summer program prides itself on its unparalleled global diversity, and the virtual setting of YYGS Connect helped to increase accessibility for students from around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I never thought I could get so much out of an online program. However, from the first day of YYGS Connect, I was immersed into a community of scholars - joining several group chats and Zoom calls within the first few days. I was amazed by the participants’ initiative to meet new people and create bonds, despite not being able to engage face-to-face. Additionally, I was impressed by how diverse the participants were. The diversity wasn’t only reflected in the participants’ locations but also their unique interests.” -Noah Tan, PLE 2020, MI USA

YYGS staff are committed to providing participants with a Yale experience and direct access to university resources. The program has a 12:1 student-to-instructor ratio and runs all components live to ensure everyone stays engaged in critical conversations. This summer, nearly 80 undergraduate and graduate student instructors will teach seminars to YYGS students. Instructors often design seminars to explore topics based on their personal passions or graduate research. Past seminar topics include, “Can organisms be engineered to serve specific purposes?” or “How can we design sustainable cities?”

Additionally, esteemed Yale faculty will teach lectures to YYGS students during the program. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with faculty individually by asking questions after each lecture. This summer will feature over 30 Yale professors, including Bonnie A. Weir, Professor of Political Science; Daniel E. Prober, Professor of Applied Physics, Physics & Electrical Engineering; Peter K. Schott, Professor of Economics; and Marvin Chun, Dean of Yale College and Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Yale.

“We are also very excited for President Salovey to share a personal message to this summer’s YYGS students,” says Elena Gosalvez Blanco, Director of YYGS. “We are thrilled to see how the Yale community has come together to provide this summer’s students with an unforgettable educational experience.”

While YYGS is no longer accepting applications at this time, you can join our mailing list and receive an update when the application opens for Summer 2022 this fall.

To learn more about this year’s YYGS cohort, please read the Summer 2021 Admissions Press Release.