A Jamaican Girl’s YYGS Experience

January 4, 2023

It’s fantastic that I can talk to people all across the world just from my green-walled bedroom. This happened during the third session of the Politics, Law, and Economics seminar, which I attended. There were seminars I attended that dealt with issues of policy making and humanitarianism. There is additional information available from each of them. I ranked all of the major presentations we attended, and I’ll elaborate on my rankings below.

The lectures were among my favorites. All of the lectures I attended were informative and engaging. Artificial intelligence, terrorism, and economic growth were all discussed. The instructors valued the students’ contributions to questions and discussion. Whenever I felt stuck or needed more information about a topic, I turned to the questions posed by my academic peers for guidance. Since this was a lecture, there were probably around 200 people there. As an extrovert, I had no trouble navigating the situation, but I can imagine how intimidating it would have been for someone who is more reserved, especially if they wanted to ask a question.

After each presentation, there was time for discussion in smaller groups. Your family group will break up and meet with a different facilitator to explore the lecture’s topics. Discussion and debate would follow the talk. We learned the most when we were split up into smaller groups, which also helped me concentrate better. It was motivating too, seeing what each person had learned.

The simulation is my favorite part of YYGS. It’s a collaborative effort, and you may choose any creative approach you choose to the subject matter. Your team is being asked to give a presentation on your group’s chosen topic to the simulation team. Your simulated class includes kids that are following a wide range of YYGS curricula. The closing talks of YYGS always provide some fascinating insights.

There was never a seminar I didn’t like attending at YYGS. You’ll be given a schedule with four time slots and asked to pick the seminars that interest you the most from each of those. The knowledge I gained at my seminars was invaluable to me. Their remarks were thought-provoking and caught my attention. They validated my enthusiasm for studying international relations and politics.

Obviously, my favorite aspect of YYGS was Family Time. Those people I met are now undoubtedly my people. They were so incredibly kind, thoughtful, and passionate about their own interests. I loved spending every possible minute with them. They are truly some of my greatest ambassadors, and I am theirs.

Joining YYGS is a great option for anyone who wants to continue learning outside of the classroom. To be honest, the prestige of this program is undeniable, but not in the way you expect. It inspires you to be a part of something greater, to leave the program with a sense of unmatched purpose.

Author Details:
Karyl Thorpe
Politics, Law & Economics