Mishaal Kandapath

SGC 2020

“I decided to deviate from the STEM-focused academics I am currently enrolled in and chose to attend the SGC session instead. I wanted to try something entirely new and I absolutely do not regret that decision. Attending SGC YYGS Connect was one of the best decisions of my life. Living in Kuwait, there are almost no opportunities available to interact with people from around the world who share similar interests as you do. YYGS gave me that opportunity which I had been craving for since I started high school. YYGS exposed me to a wide variety of entirely new topics, topics that I was previously unaware of, and topics that I always wanted to know more about. “

After YYGS, I teamed up with my friends, and in my role as the lead iOS developer, I challenged myself in pushing my abilities and skills even more. I am currently a core team member at SoloCoin: a startup that makes social-distancing fun, less tiresome, and forceful. Partnering with businesses, redeemable coupons are provided as an added incentive to stay home. Responsible community members install SoloCoin in their phones, and we track them and promote business and social distancing alike. Needless to say, we have gained popularity in more countries after winning entrepreneurship awards. 

Ambassador Year: