Lilia Benavides Medina

ATC 2019

“My favorite lecture was “Being A Verb” by Wu Qing. I won’t forget what I learned while Qing shared with us the importance of being a global citizen. She reminded us “to be a verb”, to take action to see the change we desire. I remember Wu shared that you should make sure to know your rights if you demand something from the government. I admired how Wu was unafraid to speak out and voice her opinions when we she saw wrong. This has further encouraged me to do the same.”

I was motivated to offer tutoring again at my high school. I asked if my fellow peers and friends could help me get started. We now offer free tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday for any student who needs it, whether it’s clarifying a concept, helping with homework or studying for tests. Now that exams are approaching, we want to ensure students at our school are ready to do well during their tests.

Ambassador Year: