Kyle Lambert

BBS 2019

Graduating from the YYGS, I left with a much deeper understanding of the field of neuroscience and psychology and how I could use it to address several of the crises the world faces today. More specifically, I began to think about the psychology of mental health and the fact that many people are growing up in environments where mental health is a taboo topic. Wanting to further my understanding of this aspect of neuroscience, I completed free online courses by Harvard University on the topics of Global Public Health, and received Mental Health First Aid training at a nearby location.

I quickly realized that this was a global issue that I wanted to address in Med For All, a community service group that I started in 2018 with the goal of closing the disparities in medical health care in underserved communities and developing countries. With this in mind, I culminated a Mental Health Video Series, with several volunteers, that will be shown this upcoming academic semester in personal development and guidance programs at schools across the world.

Ambassador Year: