Krystian Luniewski

PLE 2020

“I discovered my passion for Environmental Economics and Politics through different courses I took in respect to my session. The seminars encompassed my passion for statistical analysis, policies, and initiative for the betterment of the environment, especially during this pandemic. Learning about the process of thinking and analysis, while having an engaging cluster of unbelievable cooperative cultures in a single Zoom call was only attainable through my experience at YYGS.”

I was motivated to create the Global Politics Club at my school due to my passion for cultural perspectives that were uncovered during my experience at YYGS and the Covid-19 pandemic. Since I took IB Global Politics, I placed my teacher to be the advisor and invited students from my class along with other students inside and outside the International Baccalaureate Program.

On our first project, I distributed different countries for students despite their views and required them to revolve themselves around information that would convey the countries beliefs for the given topic. I conducted the debate in an organized fashion and took notes about all the different perspectives or ideas that were tossed around while also participating in the debate.  I’m excited YYGS opened up this opportunity for me and enabled me to essentially learn about how global perspectives affect policymaking. I’m looking forward to the future and hope to cover many topics that can hopefully reach international officials or organizations one day.

Ambassador Year: