Julian Infante

Puerto Rico, USA
BBS 2019

“Yale Young Global Scholars definitively provided me the most enriching and entertaining two weeks of my entire life. YYGS let me encounter individuals from all around the world, each one with a unique story. Long-lasting friendships were made, unforgettable and meaningful moments occurred, all in an intelectually and culturally enriching experience.”

My Capstone Project,  ”Decreasing Biodiversity Ddue to Human Impact,” has increased my consciousness of the safety of our planet and ecosystems. Researching about the current and potential effects of increasing carbon emissions and waste products in the environment, I have developed a deep understanding of the importance of acting for this cause. Therefore, I have motivated my school administration to adopt eco-friendly methods to help the environment in different ways. This includes buying less plastic bottles by introducing water bottle-filling fountains, as well as creating a new recycling project in the whole school. When this project is finished at my school, my aspiration is to start this project in  various schools all around the world. In this way, I can be one of the many people that will act in the safety of our planet and ecosystems.

Ambassador Year: