Julia Ayim

SDSE 2019

“YYGS made me step out of my comfort zone, empowered me and made me feel capable of achieving my goals and changing the world.”

Each year at my school, a group of students is selected to be part of a council that comes up with projects to improve and address various issues. I campaigned to be part of this group. We made a poster and a video to present ourselves to voters and speak about our proposed projects.

Fortunately, we were elected to be part of this student council. We are starting a project to help the school be more sustainable by installing more trash cans alongside more ecological recycling bins.

YYGS lectures and seminars motivated me to be part of the group of students who make these decisions because I learned a lot about sustainable development and creating change. In Ghana, this issue is not talked about enough, and for that reason not many people understand that sustainable development should be a priority.

Ambassador Year: