Johan Petersmann

ASE/BBS 2020

“We got to know awesome teachers who took their time after class to explain questions in detail. I am now aware of many breakthrough technologies in cancer research, antibody masking for Covid cure, green energy and even ethical concerns of head transplants! YYGS was able to introduce to me amazing scholars and helped create bonds with students around the world.”

I founded Biology Club at my school which focuses on environmental awareness. We travel to natural reserves and protected areas. Not only do we foment the importance of environmental protection, but we speak with the villagers in these areas about pollution caused by trash build-up. With a group of schoolmates we picked up trash in the protected area called Las Nubes which is a mid mountain range surrounding the southern part of Managua full of humid tropical forest home to wildlife and considered the “lungs of Managua”. It is also an important aquifer mantle which is why it so important to prevent pollution. We are proud to share that we picked large amounts of trash and spoke to the municipal authorities to provide trash cans. If everyone becomes involved many of our community issues can be resolved.

Ambassador Year: