João Araújo

SGC 2020

“I had the best discussions with people from all over the globe, where everyone talked and respected each other. This high intensity discussion of topics we do not normally see at school are definitely the most memorable moment I had in YYGS.”

Honduras is a poor country with a lot of problems such as the healthcare system that was overcrowded even before the pandemic, potable water is a resource that only a fraction of the population has access to, and hunger is prevalent in even the major cities. This has led to the government to keep the country in a strict quarantine since March 15th.

Due to the quarantine, our school canceled our social projects, and we now can only plan them. During one meeting with some classmates, we decided to alleviate one of the major issues in poor communities, and that issue is water. Our idea is to make a fundraising event so we can use the money to create water filters in these communities. We have contacts with some that work with one of them, and we plan to work with them to improve the lives of these hardworking individuals by giving them filtered water and additionally prevent the spreading of some diseases like cholera and dysentery.

Ambassador Year: