James Goodrich

United Kingdom
ASE/BBS 2020

“YYGS has shaped me into a better thinker, worker and has thrust me into a community which I adore. I cannot wait to move into higher education, to pursue the experiences that I shared at Yale.”

Attending seminars which involved biochemistry, a topic I am infinitely curious about, spurred me to complete an online course about the ‘principles of degree level biochemistry.’ I had been on and off with the course for a few months due to other work commitments, however I found myself sitting down to learn the content more and more often after YYGS. In what felt like no time at all, I had passed the course. I am proud of this achievement, one which I believe YYGS motivated me to pursue. It represents my journey to becoming an independent learner, thinker and (hopefully!) biochemist. This is a journey that YYGS has certainly impacted and shaped in the right direction.

Ambassador Year: