Isaac Hamid

SGC 2020

“I was fully present and immersed myself in each YYGS lecture; there was no need to memorize or ‘study.’ I was simply embarking on this process of exploring ideas—definitely a new and refreshing take on learning.”

The group “Include Our Voices” is a teen led program whose goal is to fight for equity in education. I was recognized for my efforts with Stand With Us and invited to join the program. I made a statement on the recent increase in anti-Semitism and overall hate towards minorities in the US and how education would result in appreciation for all cultures and decrease hate. This statement was posted by the organization and shared on social media.

Recently, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) created an Ethnic Studies Model curriculum, designed to educate students about various cultures, particularly in the Middle East. However, the prototype for this curriculum did not paint the entire picture, as it excluded many Middle Eastern communities. It also contained many anti-Semitic remarks and descriptions. As President of the Dolphins for Israel Club on campus and Stand with Us Teen Leader, I felt emboldened to act. Before it was released and authorized to be taught in schools, LAUSD had town hall meetings, where a discussion was open to input from the public. With Include Our Voices, I created and shared petitions from to revise the curriculum. I also sent emails to the Board and spoke during meetings to shed my voice. The curriculum was then voted to be revised and approved by Mayor Eric Garcetti, meaning our efforts were successful.

Ambassador Year: