Irán García

BBS 2019

I am now working on a project that is called “Sacbé”. Sacbé means “Pathway of light” in Maya. And this is the perfect definition of what I and other special and important people to me in this group are trying to make, because we believe that everyone has a special sparkle that will help others.

This association was created with the main goal of helping young secondary students that are in vulnerable situations to maintain and continue their pathway through education by providing them special tutoring classes of Spanish, Math, English, and Science, in order that they can improve on the exam that will allow them to enter one of the public high schools in Monterrey, México.

I believe that if we want to see a change in our community, it has to start with us. I can say that now that I am in the main congress of Sacbé, we have been working on this project really hard, hoping to keep on changing and helping others’ lives.

Ambassador Year: