Ida Theresa Loeschel

LPC 2020

“The most memorable part of YYGS was definitly the family time. I was able to meet people with such different and interesting life stories from all around the world. Another great aspect of the family time was the instructor who was so understanding, and even though she was older than the participants of YYGS, she spoke with us as equals. The open and communicative atmosphere made me feel like I could open up.”

My latest project was an education campaign to prevent gender-based violence. My high school offers a variety of clubs, and one of the clubs is called the Solidarity Club and has been active at our school for over 15 years.  Our most recent activity was the organisation of an information week about violence. Violence is a very serious and common problem and our aim was to inform about the problem, offer advice to prevent violence and respond adequately.

Ambassador Year: