Ha Dang

FST 2019

“Academically speaking, the best lecture (for me) was with Professor Scassellati, because it sparked my interest in the use of robots to aid children with mental learning disabilities. I became fascinated by how humans can be supported by technological support, not just with mechanical activities, but also psychologically.”

Since leaving YYGS, I have created a team of students to tutor fellow students at my school from years 7 to 11. I came up with the idea when I realized how the kids at my school were rather unpassionate about math, and correspondingly, they also don’t do very well in math. Therefore, I decided to lead a group of five students, all from my Math Higher Level class, to support any students who needed help with math. We meet each week on Wednesdays during lunchtime and help tutor under the supervision of a math teacher. I felt very happy to have helped so many students with their math troubles, and I’m hopeful that the project will be continued even after I leave school.

Ambassador Year: