Gustavo Burgos Aviles

IAG 2019

“My favourite lecture was “Cooperation, Competition and Conflict” by Tedd Wittenstein. I learned how Russian cyber threats to the American government affects their political relationship, and we explored how cyberspace is a big part of the life of every individual.”

Right after returning home from New Haven, I started contacting different consuls and diplomats in Puerto Rico to see if I could meet with them and observe what they do at their jobs. Luckily, I was able to shadow the Consul General of Mexico in Puerto Rico for one day. There, I experienced visiting a Consulate, talking to Mexican government officials in the office and was advised on how to improve my university studies in international relations the best way possible. Most importantly, I witnessed the responsibility that a Consul faces everyday, which is to assist the citizens of their country of origin living there.

Ambassador Year: