Duong La

ASE/BBS 2020

“[YYGS was] more than just a chance to meet other prominent high school students from around the world, it was the time that I could share my thoughts and communicate with people who understand me. As a student highly passionate about music, I was struck by the second lecture, which ties human biology with music. When I saw how these subjects interact and bring about different perspectives on life, I was once again assured of my aspirations for a liberal arts education. Thanks to YYGS, not only did I gain more knowledge and made more connections, but I was also more prepared for the college application process ahead of me.”

My motivation for launching a project on linguistics was not a “sensible” choice in the first place. I was aware that the people around me are disinterested in the subject, but I still chose to follow through, in hopes of changing their thinking. I was working with three of my friends to found “The Linguinestic Project” to provide information about linguistics and empowering students to learn new languages. So far, after four months the project was launched, we had generated plenty of recognition, and we are poised to host our first event relating to languages next month. Either with studying tips, telling stories through videos, or argumentative writing on the subject, our content has been quite diverse and serves many groups of people. I hope that this initiative can change people’s perception of linguistics, as well as encouraging more people to enjoy learning languages

Ambassador Year: