Dominik Dimitrov

Austria & Bulgaria
SGC 2020

“For only two weeks, I was exposed to a range of different topics closely related to my drive for change and passion for impact. Furthermore, I felt connected with other youth scholars worldwide; we were linked through our common bond of leadership and amplified ambition despite the thousands of miles between us. I was impressed by the discussions we had about climate migration and refugees, and the immersing question of migration ethics. By reflecting and looking back on my intellectual experience, I am immensely grateful for having had the privilege of attending YYGS. My inspiring and transformative experience was possible only because of the great efforts and enthusiasm the YYGS Connect team put into play.”

Based on a neuropsychology pilot study on personality assessment, I have attended at the Department of Psychology at Yale University, I was selected to work on research together with some other YYGS Alumni towards a unified Neuropsychology of human personality. The initiative was launched in August 2020 and is led by a Yale University undergraduate student. The scientific aspect of the research is modeling human decision making, motivation, and behavior. The model analyses why people make different decisions, given the same context and the same scenarios.

My data analysis team is responsible for the establishment of the internal and external legitimacy of the model. I also monitor how to make the research model most accurate and comprehensive, and how to use it to predict validity. Given the initial validation in the study sample and the scientific insights from there, the research indicates its potential in academic, educational and business context as well. The research builds and deploys an assessment intended to be used in practical applications and distributed in professional and academic settings.

Ambassador Year: