Diego Cárdenas

SDSE 2019

One of the reasons I decided to apply to SDSE was to return to Mexico with a project idea that could aid my community, since my country lacks of efforts to tackle this issue. In YYGS, our simulation team came up with an extraordinary proposal to mitigate the effects of climate change. I decided to apply a similar idea into my high school. In a general overview, the initiative is a machine that is able to transform organic waste into fertilizer. Since this process releases methane, this gas is transformed by the same machine into natural gas. Fertilizer produced could be given to starting farmers in Monterrey. Likewise, the natural gas would be given to the school’s cafeteria. The idea is that students will separate their organic waste and place it in the machine, receiving benefits in the cafeteria, serving as an incentive for students to perform this activities. I’ve recently started discussing this project with my school’s directors and hope to be able to fully implement it by the end of this semester.

Ambassador Year: