Diala Izhiman

ASE 2019

“What I remember most were the Special Meals where I engaged in dense conversations. A memorable one was, “The role of Women in Islam.” Through the experience as a whole, I got to explore a new side of myself I didn’t know before. I used to see myself being a Palestinian Muslim Arab woman as one of stigma drawn all over me in the eyes of the outside world. However, now I know that those four adjectives are exactly what make me special and qualify me to break stereotypes and prejudice held against thousands of others like me.”

I have started a new de-stressing and mental health initiative where one can practice mantra/meditative art through a course of challenges of expressionism. This project encourages people to come in touch with their inner self and find a way to express it in a healthy way. Different techniques of blind drawing and expressionism are explored through small projects of art, yoga, and stop motion where we combine visual arts, photography, and dance.

Ambassador Year: