Chinyere Aguwa

ASE/BBS 2020

“The most enjoyable part of the program was the simulation because I worked with others from Egypt, the United Kingdom, and China to complete a project related to COVID-19. One topic that we decided to explore was addressing the mental health of healthcare workers as well as individuals that were struggling during the quarantine.

The most unique part about working with this group was that we combined knowledge from our different backgrounds and implemented them into the project. For example, one important part of the project was discussing how society viewed the role of face masks to fight against COVID-19. I learned that the United States viewed masks much differently than the UK, Egypt, and other parts of the world. Due to the diverse group of people that I collaborated with, I gained insight into society’s view of health in other countries.”

After YYGS, I was inspired to provide a program for my classmates so that they could have activities to do during the quarantine. As a result of this idea, a few friends and I collaborated to host virtual cooking classes throughout the summer to allow our classmates to spend time doing a creative activity while they were at home. For this class, my friends and I decided to put a creative twist on traditional cooking classes. Instead of making meals from scratch, we focused on showing the participants how to create quality meals out of boxed foods. For instance, we baked brownies from a boxed mix and changed the recipe to make them more delicious. Although the classes have officially ended due to the school year starting, we sent cookbooks to other students so that they could make meals at any time throughout the school year.

Ambassador Year: