Barakaeli Lawuo

LPC 2020

“YYGS has made me more open-minded with a thirst to learn about many more things that impacts my community through youth talks, seminars, and conferences. On top of that, I have learned to embrace the diversity of people and intersectionality, and I am very happy and feel proud of being part of YYGS 2020.”

My friends and I developed the “Brillar Cyber Network (BCN)”. BCN is a proposed website that delivers different personal cybersecurity education to its subscribers for free with the aim of reducing cyber theft and cyberbullying among the member of our community and our country in general. The proposed launching of the website is expected to be in April 2021. As currently, we are still organizing the content for the website, then code and host it in the month of February. Thereafter the website will be tested for the month of March. We plan to officially launch it in April this year.

Ambassador Year: